DIY Lash Extensions - Designer Lash Kit

DIY Lash Extensions - Designer Lash Kit

Introducing our ultimate Designer Lash Kit - your go-to collection for achieving flawless DIY lash extensions from the comfort of your home. This complete kit includes all the essential tools and adhesive to give you a professional finish with ease and precision.

Start with our 2in1 Lash Lock & Super Seal, a versatile product that not only bonds your lashes securely but also acts as a sealant, keeping them in place for up to seven days.

When it's time to remove your lashes, our Vanish Lash Remover comes to the rescue. This gentle yet effective formula effortlessly dissolves lash adhesive, making the removal process a breeze. 

To ensure precise lash application, our Designer Lash Applicator is a must-have tool. Its grip control provides easy and accurate placement, allowing you to attach each lash with confidence. Achieve a flawless and natural look that rivals salon results.


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