About Designer Lash

Design and create your custom lash sets with our Designer Lash Kit at home in under 10minutes. Get the Lash Extension look for less and without the salon. Designer Lashes are available in 7 different styles {Classique, Couture, Chique, Vogue, Glamour, Runway & Allure} and 3 different lengths {10mm, 12mm & 14mm}. Choose your own combinations of styles and lengths to create the custom Designer Lash sets you desire. Once application is complete you may wear your Designer Lashes for up to 7days.


Application And Removal

Designer Lash ribbons were created for easy ‘DIY’ lash extension application at home. The lash segments are crafted for under-eyelash application. Simply cut the lash ribbon into segments, apply a light coat of Lash Lock bond underneath your natural lashes, then gently place the lash segments underneath your lashes. Set the lashes with your Applicator then use Super Seal sealant to secure your lashes. Once applied you may wear your Designer Lashes for up to 7days when cared for correctly. 

Designer Lash ribbons are lightweight and feature a superfine invisible lash band. With the correct placement you will not feel your Designer Lashes on your eyes at all and the lashes will look natural. The segments must be placed 1-2mm from your waterline, this is important to avoid any irritation.

Designer Lashes can be removed at your convenience at home using our Vanish Lash remover in under 5 minutes, removal is entirely damage free.

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