How To Apply Designer Lashes

Prep - Clean, Brush & Curl your natural lashes

Always prep your natural lashes before applying Designer Lashes. Use an oil free cleanser to clean your lashes, ensuring they are free from any oils and dirt. Wait for your lashes to be completely dry then brush your lashes using your lash brush (then curl your lashes with an eyelash curler) before you begin application.

Step 1: BOND  -Apply your Lash Lock bond. Dab a thin layer of bond at the root of your lash line, underneath your natural lashes. DO NOT apply Bond like a mascara.

Step 2: LASH - Cut the Designer Lash ribbon into segments. Apply bond to the top-side spine of the lash segment. Apply the lash segments underneath your natural lashes, 1-2mm away from the waterline. Apply the lash segments in your desired positioning, working from the outer corner of the eyes inwards. You may combine various lengths and styles to design your dream lash. Repeat these steps on the other eye and wait 3-5minutes before setting.

(You should not feel the lash segments at all, if you can feel them, gently remove and reposition until they are positioned comfortably before setting).

Step 3: SET - To set and secure your Designer Lashes clamp them together with your Applicator tool.

Step 4: SEAL - Apply Super Seal sealant along the base of the lashes to seal your Designer Lashes and remove any excess residue.

FLAUNT IT! – Flaunt your Designer Lashes to the world! Show & tell all of your friends about your new Designer Lashes. Take photos and videos of your new Designer Lashes and post them on social media. Tag us in your photos and videos so that we can repost you and don’t forget to leave a review.


Application Tips!

Practice makes perfect! Take your time when applying your lashes and you will develop your own technique and be able to apply your lashes in under 10minutes.

- Brush and curl your natural lashes before applying Designer Lashes. This enables you to get a better view up under your natural lash line.

- When applying your Designer Lashes place a mirror in front of you angled upwards, so that you can look down into the mirror giving a better view up under your lash line.

-Use your free hand to lift your eye lid up for a better view.

- Hold the Designer Lash towards the tip with your Applicator tool, this helps with the application process, allowing the lash segment to touch your natural lashes first and not applicator.

- Carefully apply your Designer Lashes at the correct angle, working to the natural curve of your eye.

- Ensure placement is 1-2mm away from your waterline.

- Once you have finished applying your Designer Lashes, wait 3-5mins then set your lashes by clamping down at the base with your Applicator tool.

- Clean your applicator in-between uses to remove any bond residue.


 View our Application Tutorial

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