How To Remove Designer Lashes 

Removing your Designer Lashes correctly will be completely damage free. It is normal to notice a few of your natural lashes in the removed segments as naturally your lashes shed daily.

Step 1: COAT - Apply Vanish Lash remover. Generously coat your lashes with Remover both above and underneath the lashes.

Step 2: WAIT - Wait 30-40seconds for the remover to work. Gently remove the lashes using your Applicator, they should glide off with ease. Apply more remover if necessary and repeat this step.

Step 3: REMOVE - To remove any excess bond residue from your natural lashes, repeat Step 1 & 2 on your natural lashes until residue is removed.

View our Removal Tutorial

Cleanse your natural lashes and eye area properly before applying a new Designer Lash set. Your lashes and eye area must be free from the Remover residue to successfully be able to apply a new set of Designer Lashes.

Cleanse your Designer Lashes to ensure all bond, sealant and remover residue has been removed prior to reapplying the lashes.