Style Guide

Designer Lash ribbons are available in 7 different styles. View our Style Guides below to assist you further in choosing your desired styles.

Classique – Classic lash extensions to create a softer natural timeless set of lashes.

Couture – Hybrid lash extensions. Lash fans with added volume and length to create natural look with subtle glamour. (Volume version of Classique lashes)

Chique – Wispy and light cross-hatch lash extensions for a natural, soft, flirty set of lashes.

Vogue – Volume Russian style lash extensions to create a fuller and fluffier set of lashes.

Glamour – 3D Volume Hybrid lash extensions for the ultimate glamorous lash look. (Volume version of Couture lashes)

Runway - Wispy volume cross-hatch lash extensions for a fuller 3D set of lashes. (Volume version of Chique lashes)

Allure – Extra-Volume Russian lash extensions to create the fullest and fluffiest set of lashes! (Volume version of Vogue lashes)